Mori Point Road to Levee to Bike Path

Begin at any trailhead; you will complete a loop for all starting locations except the long and longest trek (see location, above) as these will include some retracing of footsteps at the very beginning and end of the trip. Sharp Park Beach and Rockaway Beach have bathrooms, benches, and picnic areas (Rockaway’s are less formal). The beach along the levee or at Sharp Park Beach provide good spots to sit and enjoy the view. I began my trip from Moose Lodge and Pacifica Roads. Take Mori Point Road, mindful of the course gravel (can be quite bumpy at times) about 0.7 miles until the road ends at the levee. Follow the levee to the right for about 1 mile, stopping at Sharp Park Beach (walk down the pier!). Return down Sharp Park Beach, then follow the bicycle route / path signs around the golf course (the path is sidewalk then paved path in this low-traffic area). Continue along the bike path past the Moose Lodge / Pacifica trailhead, as it runs along Highway 1, stopping at Reina del Mar Avenue parking or continuing on to Rockaway Beach. Distance from Moose Lodge / Pacifica Trailhead and back (loop) is about 3.5 miles. Distance from farther trailheads (like Reina Del Mar or Rockaway Beach) can extend the hike up to¬†6 miles.

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