Northwest Trailhead to Saratoga Gap and Ridge Trails (near Waterfall)

Note: Be prepared to navigate the jogger through some short rocky sections. If you aren’t practiced at maneuvering your stroller, leave it at home and use a baby carrier or backpack instead.

In the paid parking lot, travel down the trail that begins at the Northwest edge – it has a placard and sign near it, and is wider and appears flatter than the South Trailhead. The path begins smooth and relatively wide, running towards and sometimes alongside King Creek. In about 0.2 miles, the trail meets Castle Rock Trail (a short but somewhat steep trail up to Castle Rock, which you may have just left, if you did the aforementioned hike). Veer right to continue on the wide, smooth trail you were on. You will cross the creek in about 0.5 miles. At this point, the trail splits – turn left to follow Saratoga Gap Trail, and turn right to follow Ridge Trail. You can continue for a short distance on either of these with a baby jogger; the trail eventually gets too narrow, steep, and contains hazards like boulders, roots, or ruts.  Return now, the way you came.  (See Castle Rock Falls, Small Saratoga Gap & Ridge Trail Loop, or Large Saratoga Gap and Ridge Trail Loop to Campground for information on continuing along this trail).

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