Old Cove Landing Trail and Ohlone Bluff Trail from Main Parking Lot

This is the windiest area of the park, so plan accordingly! Walk to the Main Parking Area’s SW corner, and follow signs to the Coastside Trails (you will walk SW). The Old Cove Landing Trail begins paved, then becomes a wide fine gravel path with very occasional small ruts or puddles. A Viewing Station is set up early on, with a placard and bench on a platform. Enjoy sights of steep cliffs and small sandy beaches, seals and sea birds, and plenty of gorgeous grass, mustard, and wildflowers. Where the path turns inland (Sand Plant Beach), you can connect to Ohlone Bluff Trail, either by crossing the beach or continuing inland and looking for the path that cuts North. You’ll pass three more beaches before the path ends at a tunnel beneath Hwy 1 (that accesses the numerous trails in the East side of the park). Return back the way you came or cut inland along the farm road described above to end the Old Cove Landing Trail’s Loop.

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