Orchard Gardens Park to Fairwood Park (Entire Trail – all 3 parts)

Have a nice stretch, lie in the grass, or use the bathrooms at Orchard Gardens Park before heading out, then walk East along the clearly marked Greenbelt. It crosses Borregas and Morse Avenues before stopping at Weddell Drive. Walk along the sidewalk of Weddell Drive (or through the parking lot of the business park there, if there is sidewalk construction), through the intersection with Fair Oaks Avenue, to the corner of the PG & E Substation, where the trail resumes.

Walk East along the clearly marked Greenbelt. The path crosses Hiddenlake Drive and Meadowlake Drive before passing alongside Lakewood School and Park. Cross Silverlake Drive and continue for about one more block to the Shopping Center, or turn left and walk along the sidewalk of Silverlake Drive, turning right before the corner of the park. This route sends you past the North edge of the shopping center, to a pedestrian overpass for Lawrence Expressway, leaving you on Blazingwood Drive. Turn right on Blazingwood Drive to resume the Greenbelt (to the left) in about a block.

Walk East along the clearly marked Greenbelt. The path crosses Lakewood Drive and continues East until it reaches Manzano Way. Prior to reaching Manzano, it runs alongside Fairwood School & Park. Continue East at Manzano Way to cross Calabazas Creek, then turn left on Calabazas Creek Trail. The trail ends at Old Mountain View – Alviso Road.

If you would like to continue to Baylands Park (which does not allow dogs) and the Bay Trail, turn right on Old Mountain View – Alviso Road, then left when it intersects the paved San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail in about 0.4 miles. See Sunnyvale Baylands Park or Bay Trail for more information.

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