PG & E Trail to High and Lower Meadow Trails

Begin at the lower parking lot (not the main one), cross the bridge, and head uphill, following Coyote Trail. Continue about 0.6 miles until junction at the water tank, where the trail forks. Take the left-most fork that passes uphill very steeply through a new gate (these initial hills and gate are some of the most challenging obstacles of this route). Follow trail as you pass by several power towers along the South Ridge of the park, often ascending and descending short steep hills (use those breaks on the baby jogger!). Several benches occur at view points, and a picnic table occurs as the trail turns you back towards your starting point, at approximately the half-way point. On the returning half, the trail is called Upper High Meadow Trail and follows the North Ridge with shallow rolling hills and often flat terrain. The trail dips down to Deer Hollow Farm or Lower Meadow Trail as you near the parking lot, following the easy route to get back to the parking area, which is wide and clearly marked.

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