Coastside Trail North of Mirada

Follow the road to Princeton and Pillar Point Marina, turning left at Capistrano Road at a signal along Hwy 1, and you can park at any number of lots for the area (there are boat ramps, fishing, cafes, and a marina in this area). You can begin hiking South from the vicinity of the Brew Pub, at the North end of the marina, along the wide, paved side walks. The walks wind out the the marina, fishing area, boat ramp, and along the mellow beaches, here. The path climbs slightly to parallel Hwy 1, and reaches a point where it has been washed away (there are blockades), so if using a stroller, you will have to walk along the wide shoulder of the highway for several feet. Turn right to follow the trail as it becomes packed dirt and follows along the grassy bluff to Point Break. Follow the trail as it turns inland slightly (to avoid a beach house), and navigate a rutted dirt trail with a plywood makeshift bridge to reach Mirada Rd. Turn right and follow Mirada until it ends and turn left to follow the road along the beach. At this point, continue the hike as described above (Coastside Trail South of Mirada Rd.) and turn back as you prefer. Beach access is best very early on in this hike, as the Point Break bluffs are high above the beach, so access is dangerously steep.

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