Prospect Road to Hunters Point

From parking lot, hike along the paved Prospect Road. The road curves uphill past several private residences. Continue until the road ends (where a private residence with some very creative automobiles is) and the trailhead for a dirt fire road begins, to the right.

Start down the trail as it passes downhill, then uphill (at the junction with the Cora Older Trail from the parking lot). At the top of the hill, continue left on the wide fire road, passing the junction with Seven Springs Trail, following signs to Hunter’s Point. The trail will dip then rise up to the other junction with Seven Springs Loop before heading up a string of three steep hills to Hunter’s Point. Take a break at the point and take in the view. You can sit on the little fence at the point as if it were a bench. Return:

  • the way you came.
  • the way you came, except turn a sharp left along Cora Older Trail to the Prospect Road Parking (there is a signpost) where the trail you initially took is marked “no bikes” and flattens out for the final short stretch of dirt before pavement. Along this route, enjoy flat trails with slight grades that are narrower than the fire road. The trail has a few sharp turns and rough patches, but is lovely as it passes through shaded oak groves. This path ends at the parking lot.

Alternatively, this route can be done in reverse or completed solely on the dirt / gravel paths directly from the parking lot.

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