Redwood Grove

From the access road to Redwood Grove, enter this narrow park peppered with boardwalks.  Hike in any direction around the boardwalks, enjoying the creek below you (which largely disappears in summer).  You’ll see narrow offshoots of trails above the boardwalks, but be wary of them – most are too narrow, easily erode, and dead-end along the hill bordering the park.

As you reach the far end of the park, take the wider trail towards the old house here, which is host to camp supplies (there is a summer camp here each year) and park maintenance supplies.  You may see some hay bails used for archery practice, the developing garden here, and a wide foot-trail beyond towards a long blackberry patch.  Pick berries if they are in season, then turn back (the trail exits into the neighborhood at the far end of the park), and return the way you came, enjoying the boardwalks and cool, moist, shade of the redwoods before your return to parking along University Street.

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