Ryder Park South to Seal Point and Back

From the parking lot at Ryder Park (near the playground and fountain), hike Southeast, crossing the boat-shaped bridge. At the junction between two paved paths, head East (left). At the junction between the paved and fine gravel (handicapped access) path, choose the low road (paved) or high road (fine gravel). The fine gravel route brings you to the peak parking area at the top of Seal Point, with nice views all around. The paved path brings you past the kayak and windsurfing access spot. Both paths turn North to bring you back to Ryder Park, and both paths come close to some interactive kinetic or audal sculptures, where you can play with sound. Keep hiking 0.4 miles further to the Bay Marshes, then head back the way you came, or loop around Seal Point’s hill to check out the dog park and views of airplanes coming in to SFO. ┬áThe route merges back towards the boat-shaped bridge, bringing you back to Ryder Park.

Note that taking the low road (paved) mentioned in this description makes the hike 0.2 miles longer than taking the high road (fine gravel); 1.9 mile total distance includes this paved road.

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