San Andreas Trail and Nature Trail Loop

Note: When we last hiked this trail, we found the multiple trail junctions confusing. All trail sections are short, happily, so even if the trail isn’t entirely clear, it’s easy to find one’s way back to the start.

This trail begins near the amphitheatre and takes you along well graded wide trail, with marked evidence of Earth’s movement along the San Andreas Fault. From the amphitheatre, walk across the stream and turn left to follow San Andreas Trail. When the trail splits, take the right-most trail to follow the Nature Trail. The Nature Trail will merge into San Andreas Trail. Stay right and follow San Andreas trail as it passes maintenance buildings and passes the Youth Hostel (stay right all the way until the Hostel). At the hostel, turn left to follow San Andreas Trail, passing the maintenance buildings again, and turning left when the trail forks with a service road. Follow the San Andreas trail to the right (you’ll walk a segment you walked before, in the other direction), then take the trail to the right when it forks. When the trail merges with another, merge (rather than turning right) to follow the trail back towards the amphitheatre.

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