San Antonio – Bay Trail – Byxbee – Emily Renzel – Bayshore Loop

Begin at the San Antonio Trailhead, along the two-lane paved trail. Follow the trail as far East as you can, eventually turning left (North) towards Byxbee Park (trail junction is marked). Follow this gravel / dirt path along the bay and wetlands until you come to the small dam at Byxbee Park. At the dam, turn left (West) and then turn Southwest (to pass on the left side of the hill) down the wide gravel road towards Emily Retzel Wetlands. Enjoy the abundant bird life here, following the road until its junction at Bayshore Road with the trailhead at Matadero Creek. Turn left (South) along the paved two-lane trail that runs parallel to Bayshore Road. Follow this trail until the sign for Shoreline Park, where it continues along Bayshore or turns left. Turn left (East), following it into grasslands, along Adobe Creek. When the trail reaches the small building at the edge of the little lake (Coast Casey Forebay) adjacent to Shoreline Lake, turn right to San Antonio Road parking.

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