San Antonio – Bayshore – Emily Renzel – Embarcadero Loop

Begin at the San Antonio trailhead, along the two-lane paved trail. When the trail splits near the edge of the pond (Coast Casey Forebay) by Shoreline Lake, follow it sharply to the left, as it heads Northwest. It will turn right at Bayshore Road, running parallel to the road. Continue along this path until you reach Matadero Creek, and follow the gravel road that runs along the creek’s North side. Continue along this road, avoiding ruts when possible (the area was under rehabilitation / construction when I visited; hopefully the road will be repaired when this project is finished).

Enjoy the abundance of birds and aquatic insects in this area. There are several benches and viewing platforms if you would like to watch them and take a break. Continue, following signs to the Byxbee Parking Lot; you will turn left near the small dam to reach it. There are several narrow, white oyster-shell paths leading to the parking lot, over a small hill, if you prefer to take one of these, rather than the road.

At the parking lot for Byxbee Park, head North along the white gravel path (East side of road) or paved Bike Lane (West side of road) until the intersection with Embarcadero Road. Turn left onto Embarcadero Road and follow its wide sidewalk for several blocks until it intersects Faber Place. Turn left on Faber Place and hike along the two-lane paved path until it merges with the two-lane paved path running along Bayshore Road. Continue South on Bayshore Road, past the Matadero Creek trailhead, finishing the hike by backtracking from Matadero Creek until San Antonio Road’s trailhead.

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