Sanborn Trail (entire length)

Take Sanborn Trail from the Peterson Grove Parking Area near the Youth Science Institute. Follow the paved Sanborn Trail uphill, past the meadow and through the shady camping area. Continue following it into the hills, turning left when it meets Peterson Memorial Trail, to stay on Sanborn Trail. Sanborn Trail will zigzag uphill moderately steeply, then follow a ridge, before meeting San Andreas Trail. Turn left to stay on Sanborn Trail, which will continue to follow a ridge and climb, before meeting Skyline Trail, which runs along Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35) in both directions. If you’d like to hike to the gate at Skyline, take the right-most fork on Skyline Trail and walk for about 0.1 miles. Head back the way you came. Alternatively, this trail could be started from Skyline Boulevard’s trailhead.

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