Seal Point Park North to Ryder, Harborview, and Coyote Point Recreation Area and Back

From Seal Point Park, hike North to Ryder park. You will cross the boat-shaped bridge into the park. Stop to enjoy the lush lawns, picnic area, playground, or bathroom facilities, before continuing North along the bay. This trail is marked Gerry Mon Memorial Bike Path and Bay Trail. In about 0.5 miles, you will come upon Harborview Park, which has less facilities than Seal Point and Ryder Parks. In another 0.3 miles, you will begin to see some of the attractions at Coyote Point Recreation Area. The golf course comes first, then a large park complete with bathrooms, playing fields, picnic areas, and a large play structure. This, like much of the bay here, is a haven for wind surfers. Turn and continue back the way you came.

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