Seven Springs Loop

From the parking lot, take any route towards Hunter’s Point, as described in the Prospect Road to Hunter’s Point Hike.

At the first Seven Springs Trailhead (after the first steep hill on the fire road), turn right. Seven Springs Trail begins with several ruts, but then flattens out considerably. This is a single-track trail; share the trail with others and announce yourself around blind corners.

Enjoy the descent along the edge of the hills, into the valley, beneath huge oak trees. Continue perpendicular to the valley floor, travelling uphill into more exposed grasslands. The trail becomes quite rutted at the top of the first hill, before a small grove of pine trees, where the trail widens (this is a good break spot).

Continue up rolling hills, following the trail until a flat area with a long, low fence along the side of the trail. The trail forks as the trail descends slightly. Take the central trail that veers to the left and hugs the side of the hill (avoid the leftmost trail that goes downhill!). This trail makes a junction with the large fire road that leads to Hunter’s Point (right, uphill) and Prospect Road Parking (left, downhill).

Continue for a quick stop over at Hunter’s Point before returning to the parking lot, or begin your return immediately. To return, follow the fire road downhill, then uphill, then down again. Veer left at the junction with other trails like Coyote Ridge, following signs to the parking lot. Finally, turn right and head downhill, from the junction with the Seven Springs Loop trailhead that you took. Continue towards the parking lot, along Cora Older Trail or Prospect Road.

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