Skyline-Richards Road – Campground – Crystal Springs Loop

From the second Skyline Blvd gate (see Directions on the Huddart County Park Location Page), walk down the trail and take the left-most path to follow Richards Road. Continue to Toyon Camp Area. Turn right along the access road at the West side of the camp. It will become Campground Trail. Cross McGarvey Gulch Creek. Follow it until it intersects Dean Trail, then take Dean Trail to the right. The trail will cross the Archery Fire Road twice (which can be taken very steeply to the right to shorten the hike a bit), then cross McGarvey Gulch Creek. Follow it until the intersection with Crystal Springs Trail, where it ends. Take Crystal Springs Trail left. It will intersect Richards Road when it ends. Turn left and retrace your steps back to the Skyline Gate.

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