Stanyan & Haight to the Coast

Park near Haight Street for easy access to businesses and people watching, then walk into the park. Follow any number of paved and fine gravel trails that meander by meadows with people picnicing, kids playing soccer, people drumming, children playing in playgrounds,┬áthe sounds of a carousel, the scent of flowers blooming, and people busily walking to any number of the park’s more formal attractions such as botanical gardens or museums. If you’re using a stroller, keep an eye out for golden arrows in the paved path, indicating your best route for wheeled access, when stairs are close.

The path ends at the beach – enjoy sand between your toes before returning. Total hike may range, depending on how you choose to meander, so bring a map with you; expect to walk a round trip of at least 6 miles, but you can hop on a bus or in a cab to return if you grow weary of walking.

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