Stevens Creek/ Tony Look Trail

This trail loop allows you to absorb the Stevens Creek reservoir from all of the different vantage points. Although the loop is relatively short, it offers detours onto Rim Trail that allow visitors to enjoy a better view, and it offers opportunities for people to climb down to the beach near the reservoir.

Start at the Chestnut Parking Lot and begin South. Continue on the paved path, past the junction with the visitor center until you reach the┬áStevens Creek/ Tony Look Trail trailhead on the left, leading to a dirt path. Continue straight. Along the way, there will be a Rim Trail trailhead on the right; you can travel along this short detour to reach the dam’s beaches for a more scenic view. If you decide not to use the detour, continue straight, and turn right at the Coyote Trail junction. Continue straight until you reach the end of the trail. Return the way you came.

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