Summit Rock

From the paid parking lot, cross Skyline Blvd to enter Sanborn-Skyline County Park (there are three entrances within about 0.2 miles of eachother, so you can begin just South of the parking lot or North of it, as well). Each of the paths from Skyline into the park is short and end at the wide Skyline Trail. Turn left and follow this trail as it runs parallel to Skyline Blvd and further into the park. Turn right after about 0.9 miles to follow the wider Road Trail to Summit Rock. Check out the views atop the rock but use caution – it can be slick with moss when it’s wet or debris from traffic. The grounds around the rock are flat and barren, good for a picnic. Return the way you came or for a slightly steeper and narrower route, hike Southeast along Summit Rock Loop, then right to travel via a narrower footpath to Skyline Trail. When you reach Skyline Trail, go straight or turn left to return to the short footpath that leads you to Skyline Blvd.

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