Sunnyvale SMART Station Trail

Begin at Sunnyvale SMART Station trailhead and head Southeast (right) at the trailhead. The trail is coarse gravel, wide, and flat, and brings you along a route with several educational placards. Enjoy bird sightings along the way. The trail ends just shy of the baseball field next to Baylands Park. Turn back to return along the path you came, or continue on to Baylands Park for a longer hike or use of their many amenities (bathrooms, picnic area, water, fields). See Baylands Park for details.

For an alternate route, head left from the trailhead and head uphill – the trail loops around the hill, bringing you back to the SMART Station. There are several detours possible, tracing the perimeters of the water treatment ponds East of the business parks.

Total distance ranges from1 to 5 miles .

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