To Arastradero Lake, Sobey Pond, and Foothills Park

From the parking lot, cross a short bridge to walk past the nature center/bathrooms, then downhill to cross Arastradero Road. Juan Bautista de Anza Trail begins on the other side of the road. It is a wide fire road that runs parallel to the creek and crosses it at a bridge. After the crossing, the path narrows and meanders in a little hilly region, then widens as you approach the lake. At the lake, the trail junctions with Paseo del Roble Trail, which is equally wide. Turn left to take Paseo del Roble, then follow the narrow side trail in a few hundred feet to the right, heading down to a lake’s beach. This is a great place to view wildlife and in the wet season, a small creek feeds the lake from this area. This is a great spot for a break.

From the Lake, return to Juan Bautista de Anza Trail and turn left to continue down it. In a few hundred feet, there is a junction with Arastradero Creek Trail.  Turn left to follow Arastradero Creek Trail, which reaches little Sobey Pond in a little less than a mile. You can hang out at the pond, then continue past it for a little more than half of a mile until the gated access point to Foothills Park. This last stretch of trail is significantly steep, as the trail climbs into the hills; turn back early if the slope is too much for you. Return back the way you came.

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