Toyon – Coal Mine – Arroyo – Bay Laurel – Old Spanish Single Track

Begin at the trailhead across from the parking area. The initial trail (Alpine Trail) is a steep step up with railroad ties to prevent erosion, but the trail afterwards is generally well graded. Almost immediately, the trail intersects with another. If you turn right, the trail narrows and will eventually become a single-track trail suitable only for carriers or backpacks. If you do not turn right, the trail remains wide and is suitable for a baby jogger or other large-wheeled stroller, though there will be some rolling hills to push that stroller up!

From the trailhead (Alpine Trail), turn right and climb a few steps to get to the fun, narrow Toyon Trail. Toyon Trail follows the West ridge of the open space, providing some nice views, a couple of benches along the way, and a couple of cute bridges.

If you’d like to visit the higher parts of the park and see both sides to this ridge, you can turn left from Toyon Trail at the second or third possible left turns once Toyon Trail has begun, taking short connector trails (Coal Mine Trail/ Old Spanish Trail) to connect to Arroyo Trail. This trail is more steep and will bring you around the ridge. Turn left off of Arroyo Trail to Bay Laurel. Follow Bay Laurel until its intersection with Old Spanish Trail; turn right to follow Old Spanish Trail down to the initial trailhead.

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