Ulistac and Levee Loop

Begin at the South Gate to Ulistac Natural Area, nearest Hope Drive. Enter the park and walk along the path to the pump station. Turn right and climb the ramp to the Guadalupe River levee. Turn right at the top of the ramp to hike along the levee, South. Look out for birds, rabbits, and domestic cats along the river. There are low roads that merge with the upper levee road, if you would like to walk closer to the river. Less than half a mile from the start of your hike, you will pass a community playground with bathrooms, on your right – a nice place to stop after your hike.  A few blocks from Montague Expressway, a large footbridge crosses the river. Turn left to cross, then turn left to follow the levee North. At Tasman Drive, turn left and follow the narrow sidewalk to the levee adjacent to Ulistac Natural Area, turning left to re-enter this side of the levee. Continue for about 1000 feet until the ramp leading down into the park. Take the ramp, then turn right to follow the trail to the wetlands and North entrance. Follow the trail just within the entrance left, to pass through the center of the park, enjoying the Coastal Scrub and Oak Savannah. Head towards the pump station, then turn right to reach the South entrance.

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