Ulistac Trails

Begin at the South Gate to Ulistac Natural Area, nearest Hope Drive. Enter the park and walk along the path to the pump station. Turn right and climb the ramp to the Guadalupe River levee. Turn left at the top of ramp to walk along the levee towards Tasman Drive. Just before Tasman, turn left and descend the ramp back into Ulistac Natural Area. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left, walking through the Riparian Woodland, then Sycamore Woodland. Pass the gathering area for the park, then turn right to the Oak Savannah. Follow the trail North through the center of the park, passing Coastal Scrub, the North entrance gate, and arriving at the Wetlands area. Return by walking along the Lick Mill Blvd sidewalk or South along any of the trails you have already taken, retracing your steps to the South gate.

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