Waterfall Loop

From the campground or parking area, head uphill and towards the paved access road and bridge above the creek. This Waterfall Loop is one of the best traveled trails at the park, so it is well marked and central. Follow the path as it climbs uphill. You can stay on the wide fire road, or walk closer to the creek on narrower paths. Each waterfall is named and well labeled, and small paths abound allowing you to get closer to the water. The path crosses the creek via bridges a few times – one bridge was washed out and well marked with warnings when we were there in April of 2010; the trail and bridges are typically well maintained and marked. Leave the jogging stroller on the wide fire road (with the brake on) if you’d like to check out Black Rock Falls or Basin Falls; the trail is too narrow for it. Return back the way you came (recommended for a stroller) or head to the other side of Waterfall Loop, which runs largely on either side of the creek valley, once you have reached Upper Falls.

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