Youth Science Institute to Alum Rock Avenue Trail

This trail begins on the South side of the paved Penitencia Creek Trail in the park, just Southeast of the Youth Science Institute. It ascends a long, moderate hill, West along a paved path, to eventually follow a ridgeline and side of hills, looking over the valley. It runs just South of Inspiration Point, so some of the smaller trails intersect it. Peacock Gap is another narrower, but interesting trail that intersects it and runs Southwest to the residential area that borders the park (not recommended for small-wheeled strollers). The paved trail eventually meets up with a service road (head West) then Alum Rock Avenue just South of the landslide that closed the road for park access. Follow Alum Rock Avenue South and outside the park, to end in the residential area, or walk North, then take the Creek Trail back to the first parking lot. You can return back the way you came, or if you plan ahead, arrange for transportation at the end of the hike so you can do the hike one-way.

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