Zinfandel Trail

Though the terrain is suitable for a jogger, the trail is narrow in portions and sides can be very steep, so use absolute caution in short segments of the trail that have these conditions, if using a jogging stroller. Above all, lock the front wheel, use the tether, and push the stroller closest to the uphill side of the trail where it is steep and narrow. If you don’t have a lot of experience using your jogger, use a baby carrier (front or backpack) instead and consider bringing along a walking stick or pole to help you keep balance.

The trail begins between the picnic area and bathrooms, South of the tasting building. Follow the wide dirt road across rolling hills, appreciating an abundance of shade and wildflowers. Two small trails are options for non-stroller hikers, which loop back to this wide trail and run uphill and around a temporary pond (in the wet season). See below for these options.

The wide path eventually narrows from fire road width to footpath / stroller width, passing along ridges that afford great views of the Stevens Creek Reservoir and local hills. The path ends in Stevens Creek Park near the junction of Mt. Eden Road and Stevens Canyon Road, after climbing gradually uphill and along some very steep hillsides (use caution). There are bathrooms, telephones, and parking here. Turn back and return the way you came.

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