Hiking without Kids

IMG_1378IMG_2195 Obviously, as a long-time Stroller Hikes leader, I do a lot of hiking with children. I believe there are myriad important benefits to moving around outside with my kids. But I also embrace hiking without children. Last month my husband and I left our children with family members and went backpacking for four days in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. We covered 50 miles, ascending and descending thousands of feet in elevation every day. As we hiked, we analyzed song lyrics, reminisced about before we were married, discussed our parenting strategies, practiced our orienteering with a compass and map, exclaimed over the majestic views, but mostly moved through nature in silence. Stepping away from electronics and social calendars and work responsibilities and modern conveniences and into some of the most glorious landscapes on earth is renewing, enriching, sobering, and fun. So while I heartily endorse the message of Stroller Hikes’ logo to “get outside with baby” I also encourage parents to occasionally get outside without baby, too.

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