June, July, and August Camping and Backpacking Update

copy-Bravo2012.jpgFamilies have been excitedly signing up for upcoming camping and backpacking trips, while our April backpacking group gets ready for their trip to Sunol this coming weekend.  Here’s an update on current reservations.  Debbie will update this post as numbers change.

June 28th-30th Big Basin Car Camping Trip: FULL.

July 20th to 21st Black Mountain Backpacking Trip: FULL.

August 2nd to 4th Bravo Ranch Car Camping Trip: FULL.  Thanks to Maya for the photo from last year’s trip, above.

Don’t delay to secure your spot by paying to admin@strollerhikes.com through PayPal or e-mailing Debbie (admin@strollerhikes.com) that a check is coming to Stroller Hikes at 517 Fern Ridge Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.  Reservation fees are not refundable.  Click on the links associated with each event above, for details about each trip and associated fees.

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