Leadership Team Description

The Stroller Hikes Leadership Committee and Officers execute tasks to meet the mission of Stroller Hikes.

The primary objectives of Stroller Hikes’ mission are:

  • to provide education for the general public through an informative website about hiking, running, biking, swimming, and other outdoor activities for families with children in strollers.

  • to promote healthy choices for families, with an emphasis on building an appreciation for nature, health, and fitness.

  • to directly engage in and to provide opportunities for others to engage in hiking and other outdoor events for families with children in strollers.


Leadership Team:

Stroller Hikes Board of Directors:


President:  Set vision, goals, and priorities of Stroller Hikes. Manages entire leadership team and oversee all organization events.   

  • Leads Board Meeting and sets meeting agenda

  • Ensures completion of annual budget and tax submission

  • Submit Statement of Information to State (every two years), revise Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws as needed

  • Follow up with Marsh on Insurance.

  • Renew Sunnyvale Business License (every two years).

  • Compiles and share Annual Report prior to board meeting



  • Record the minutes of the annual board meeting

  • Develop and send annual Volunteer Appreciation Potluck invitation

  • (optional) In-kind donor Thank Yous



  • Quarterly balances budget

  • Collect receipts and reimburse volunteers as agreed upon in advance (e.g. for camping reservation fees, purchase of first aid kits, etc.).

  • Submit final annual budget for Annual Report

  • File for State and Federal Taxes annually

  • Transfer funds from PayPal to Meriwest (as often as balance exceeds about $20).

  • Determine recommendation for featured donor of the year in Annual Report

  • Distributes donor receipts

  • Assemble spreadsheet of those attending Bravo Ranch Camping Trip (with amount donated, e-mail address, allergy of food limitation information, dates attending) – done with Bravo Ranch Coordinator.


General (All) Board Member:

  • Minimum attendance of 1 event per quarter

  • Support organizations mission and objectives, makes necessary updates or modifications

  • Supports leadership team and Stroller Hikes annual goals (candidly reviews performance)

  • bring up or discuss trends or issues in the community that affect Stroller Hikes programs


Operational Leadership Team:


Marketing & Publicity Director – Responsible for managing or assisting in promoting the events, services and public image of Stroller Hikes.  Creation and distribution of marketing materials (business cards, posters, car magnets, etc).  Coordination of all parenting classes or community events.  Survey Stroller Hikes community to provide data on needs and desires of the community.  

  • Disseminating weekly newsletter with events of the week

  • Posting information about events through print and digital media

  • Soliciting volunteers for photos/content for newsletter

  • Posting announcements, newsletter articles to StrollerHikes.com


     Class Educator

  • Parenting Classes, for instance those provided by Kaiser Permanente or PAMF Clinics.

    Community Outreach

  • Organize Stroller Hikes presence at Community Fairs such as Festival in the Park, Birth and Family Fair

  • Recruiting volunteers to help with community fairs

  • Posting information about events through print and digital media


IT Director & Webmaster

  • Posting/revising new content at StrollerHikes.com about hikes and locations

  • Maintain website usability and accuracy

  • Creating new User Accounts through Word Press for volunteers posting content, producing newsletter, or posting photos.  Training volunteers as needed, to use these accounts.

  • (optional) Post, screen, and approve student interns and help in oversight of internship program (likely with tech or business professionals also as advisors).


Hike Leader & Partner Liaison Director

  • Interfacing with volunteers to resupply first aid, toys for the trail, and other tools, and providing a substitute list

  • Train and educate hike leaders on role and responsibility of hike leader as well as technical tools.

  • Updating the staff page annually for volunteers not active for last quarter.  

  • Update staff page as new leaders emerge.

  • Compiling lists of staff and data for Annual Report annually

  • Updating “share” or automated lists for Google Calendar, Google Docs related to RSVP Results, Attendance.

  • Recruiting new leaders for leading hikes, camping trips.

  • Updating Partner content in footer at StrollerHikes.com or at Partner Page (as needed).

  • Renewing SPOT

  • Coordinating with Santa Clara County Park and Recreation Manager Carrie Grisenti for Healthy Trails.

  • Coordinating with in-kind sponsors (e.g. Pirate’s Booty/ B & G Foods, Frog Hollow Farm), as needed.

  • Distributing Gear on the Go as requested, or coordinating with Barbara Banfield to do so (naturalist at McClellan Ranch), as needed.


Hike Leader:

  • Coordinate and lead community events

  • Establishes a welcoming and safe environment for event participants

  • Shares Stroller Hikes resources


Camping Director-

Bravo Ranch Coordinator

  • Securing dates for annual Family Camping Trip fundraiser

  • Advertising Bravo Ranch Camping Trip through StrollerHikes.com.

  • Working with Treasurer to keep spreadsheet about Bravo Ranch Trip.

  • Creating food, supply, and task list for trip.

  • Communicating with attendees about allergies; food, supply, and task list; directions and trip expectations (including waiver).

  • Working with Liza Letona to see if volunteers are needed to prep  camping site, beach, kitchen/mess hall, or crafts.

  • Ordering supplies as needed (e.g. propane, TP, craft supplies).

  • Assembling Bravo Thank-You Gift and coordinating card signing at Bravo Ranch Trip


Camping Event Lead

  • Organize Family Camping trip(s) other than Bravo Ranch event from start to finish


Holiday Party Event Lead

  • Assemble supplies, create directions, coordinate meeting space, and advertise

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