Lemonade, Get Your Lemonade!

photo (56)This summer marks a second year of trying our own version of summer camp at home, rather than spend hundreds of dollars each week for our kids to attend theme camps.  Each day is filled with fun, low-cost or free adventures, hands-on projects, and learning about science, history, and art.  We intersperse each day with plenty of free play and add an hour of “relaxation time” after lunch so I get a break too!  A lot of Stroller Hikers have asked for more information on what we’re doing, so we’ll post about them and link them to the curriculum page of Stroller Hikes.

 Summer Camp with Mom 5: Food Businesses

In this day and age, I think it’s very important for kids to not lose sight of where their food is from, what it takes to make it, and where money associated with the food industry really goes.  Politics and complex economics aside, I’ll settle this year to expose my kids to simple cooking that they could otherwise pay at least tenfold for, quality ingredients enjoyed without much cooking at all, and good personal interactions around food.  For our final day of Summer Camp with Mom’s week about food, we opted to have a lemonade and cookie stand near our house. 

When our first Summer Camp with Mom guest, Pranav, arrived at our house, he could not wait to get started.  The oven was warm and baking cookies at 9:30 AM, hours before the 1:30 PM opening of our one-hour stand.  In the air, eagerness melded with the smell of chocolate and peanut butter.

Once everyone attending camp on this day had arrived, we brainstormed all of the parts of our stand, sketching pictures in our journals.  Then we split up jobs and got busy.  Some were finding supplies.  Others finished the cookies.  Everyone designed posters.  We all headed to the park to run and play, between hanging signs on every lamppost we could find, until we had run out.

After relaxation time, the kids eagerly assembled our stand, complete with table cloth and beach umbrella, at the end of our block.  The kids were tireless in their efforts to flag down drivers, market to pedestrians, and even knock on a few neighbors’ doors.  In our hour of sales, we sold out of lemonade (16 lemons worth) and nearly sold out of the 6 dozen cookies we had made.  We’d raised some $34.50 at the stand – all donated to Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm that we had visited the day before.

I was amazed that everyone still had energy after being out in the sun, selling their wares.  We finished the day by making some homemade ice cream.  We rolled our ice cream ball (a concentric set of balls, with cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla at the middle, and salt and ice in the outer sphere), and had fun playing a take-your-turn word-association game.  We topped our fresh soft serv with marshmallows, honey, and chocolate.  It was a prize well deserved after such hard work!

– Debbie (founder), Max(8), Holly (4), and Andrew

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