Location of the Week: Bol Park (Palo Alto)


The dampness in the air and the recent rains, have left trails soggy and muddy. This is the perfect time of year for a paved trail! Bol Park is an old railroad line that was paved many years ago, and lays amongst old farmland just a stone’s throw from Stanford and busy El Camino Real and Foothill Expressway. Neighbors are happy to share their livestock with you, and signs adorn fences and gates cautioning that goats eat anything and donkeys should not be fed (they have special diets). The donkey that was the muse for Shrek’s Donkey is here (yes, Pixar is not far away), the creek keeps plenty of interest for the acorns the donkeys didn’t get, and there are even two playgrounds here, if the kids need more stimulation. For more information about this area, see http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/BolPark/BolPark.php.

Photo courtesy of 2007 (blast from the past!) and our board member Melissa with her son Maxwell.

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