Location of the Week: Stevens Creek County Park

photo(18)Elia posted a longtime favorite of ours for hiking, reservoir beach play (in the dry season), and practice on bikes (for the first ¾ mile of the trail) and in the other parts of the park.  She’s documented Stevens Creek / Tony Look Trail which follows Stevens Creek all the way up and along the Stevens Creek Reservoir.  If you’re a fan of other parts of the Stevens Creek Trail, consider trying a hike past its urban end, to the reservoir it trickles from, in Cupertino.  During our drought, the reservoir is exceptionally low, making for excellent driftwood collection and fort building – driftwood, sapped of nearly all moisture content is eerily light.  For information about the County Park, see http://strollerhikes.com/location/stevens-creek-county-park/, and see Elia’s Stevens Creek / Tony Look Trail description at http://strollerhikes.com/hike/stevens-creek-tony-look-trail-loop/.  You can learn about other access points for the Stevens Creek Trail, which is not yet fully continuous from reservoir to Bay at http://strollerhikes.com/location/stevens-creek-trail/.

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