Munchery to the Rescue

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In my nine years of parenting, I’ve noticed a recurring theme: my family keeps expecting dinner. Every night. Even when I just fed them dinner the night before. Sometimes I enjoy planning ahead and involving the children in choosing menus and purchasing ingredients. Other times I’m suddenly caught off-guard when at 6:00 some small person asks: “What’s for dinner?” My mind starts trying to catalog our neglected cupboards and create dinner from a can of beans, a jar of peanut butter, and a slightly limp carrot. Taking my four small children to a restaurant is both expensive and stressful, and seems best left for special occasions. Ordering pizza gets old, and some of my children won’t eat pizza. Enter my new favorite super hero: Munchery! When I know a certain night is going to be hectic, I can schedule a delivery from Munchery, and dinner appears at my doorstep. And not just any dinner, a meal I can feel good about: their food is fresh, largely organic, local, seasonal, and affordable. Something is so right about getting a text at 5:55 saying, “Your dinner will be delivered in 10 minutes.” There is also something so right about getting $15 off your first order by entering promo code “strollerhikes.”

You can use this link to check it out:


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