Rainy Days

Enjoy the rain!  Be sure to check http://strollerhikes.com/events/ to confirm if your hike leader is still planning on hiking if it is raining.

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Happy 2016!

My family celebrated our 1st snow filled New Year’s Eve with winter hikes, warm marshmallows and lots of wet clothes.  Now that we are back in the Bay Area, my boys insist on wearing their newly acquired winter boots for our rainy day hikes.  We may have packed away the winter jackets but we are still enjoying the winter weather!

We hope all of our Stroller Hikes families had a great holiday weekend and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming hike this new year!

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Finish Strong


As we tie a bow around 2015 we’d like to encourage you all the finish the year strong! I love this picture of my two girls pumped up and ready for a hike. I have a similar feeling after conquering the transition from home to hike. Loading the kids in the car can sometimes feel draining but upon arrival at our hike destination we quickly feel rejuvenated and ready to explore. Stroller Hikes are now a part of our weekly family ritual. We leave the hike with a new friend or have time with old friends and always feeling stronger than when we started. Don’t miss this week’s event for your chance to finish strong too!

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Happy Holidays from Stroller Hikes

fa la la baby

A friend of mine likes to say “A change is as good as a break,” which is sometimes how I feel about parenting over the holidays. Even though traveling with my family can be stressful and inconvenient and not really a “break” for me, I still feel rejuvenated when it’s over, both because I spend quality time with loved ones I don’t see very often and because it’s just something different from our usual routine. Here’s hoping that this holiday change in routine feels like a break for you.

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When things don’t go as planned

Alviso kidThis week I’m thinking about how we react when things don’t go as planned, and this week that seemed most of the time, for both big and small things. From a child who didn’t nap when I expected him to, to a yoga teacher not showing up for class, to a friend’s sad miscarriage, to my husband’s surprise career decisions, to my son bringing the wrong (empty) lunchbox to school. While ranging from inconvenient to heartbreaking, these unexpected twists of life expose our ability to cope and thrive and can encourage us to develop those abilities. Something about this photo of my son exploring the shoreline at Alviso Marina reminds me to find joy in the unexpected and to breathe in life even when it didn’t go as planned.

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