No Bad Weather, Only Inappropriate Clothing

rainy hike

With the weather turning cold and rainy, I’ve been getting lots of questions about cancelled hikes. While each hike leader gets to make her own decision, my children and I go out in most weather. Here in the Bay Area, where weather conditions are rarely dangerous, I want my kids to learn that when we are adequately prepared, we need not be afraid of “bad” weather. Some combination of warm and waterproof will keep us all comfortable and enable us to appreciate nature in its variety, not just on sunny days. And my children seem invigorated and excited by stomping in puddles and squishing through mud. Several studies published lately about the metabolic benefits of experiencing¬†cold temperatures¬†have made me even more determined not to shy away from cloudy, cold, or wet¬†adventures. Take a step outside your comfort zone and join us for winter hikes.

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