As the weather begins to change, we begin to change as well – not just the way we dress, but our habits and maybe even our mood occasionally. Rather than pull on a pair of shorts and light clothing to enjoy the sun’s rays and keep cool, we begin to bundle up, piling on jackets and warm apparel, to warm up against the ever-increasing cold. Rather than stay inside to enjoy the air conditioner and escape from the barren heat outside, we stay inside to snuggle up in a blanket and keep warm, feeling cozy rather than energetic. Gone are the days of careless walks and hikes, enjoying the warm summer air, the days of lethargy and calm, and relaxing hikes aided by the occasional summer breeze.

But fall brings its perks as well. Recently, on a small hike of my own, I was able to escape from the pressures and burdens of my current life as well. Hearing the thud of my shoes on pavement, with an occasional crunch of a leaf, accompanied by the sharp briskness of the air, I felt instantly awake and aware, able to savor the surroundings and freshen up. This hike was a major contrast from the lazy hikes during the summer, and allowed me to notice the shifting scenery and plant life, a fascinating and entertaining discovery as I hiked.

Often times in the fall and winter, we bundle up and huddle up in our homes, preferring the comfort and coziness of our houses than the frigidity of the outside. But hiking in the winter can be just as enjoyable, and will offer a new view on the scenery around you. See the leaves hanging from the trees, one breeze away from being released. Listen to the crunch of leaves on pavement, the thud of feet on ground. Smell the freshness of the air, the clean, sharp scent of autumn. Feel the chilliness, and rather than hide away from it, embrace it, and autumn altogether.

The hiking trail I used was part of the Parker Ranch Trails, which eventually leads to Fremont Older ( Parker Ranch Trails starts near the corner of Beauchamps Lane and Prospect Road in Saratoga, CA.

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