Out of the Mouth of Babes

Children are little sponges when it comes to input.  And when it comes to processing, they are considerably more flexible and forgiving that adults – who are they to judge what they are exposed to?  Sometimes I think lack of education and experience is really a good thing.

This week, Holly, my 3-year-old, floored me with several of her observations, both based on technology exposure, which she’s had a bit more of, because of the stormy weather.  Two were based on language:

“I want to watch Barbeque!”  (As she was pointing to Barbie on our TV)

“She’s fish, fish, exciting.  Fish like a summer breeze.”  (Singing along to Kool and the Gang; if you don’t recall the song, replace “fish” with “fresh.”)

Another was based on nature:

“Woo hoo!  Can we eat them yet?” (Looking at the one-inch tall sprouted vegetable seeds we are growing in our windowsill, even though she does not yet see harvestable radishes, tomatoes, basil, carrots, cucumbers, or squash.)

We hope the Winter weather is refreshing your spirits and gardens, and making you excited to hike in search of newly emergent sprouts, fungus, and budding trees.  Spring is coming! 

You can hike in search of signs of Spring this week with Amy, Nicole, Mika, Andrea, and our newest leader, Jyoti.  Jyoti offers hikes in the East Bay, offering a hike at Don Edwards Refuge in Fremont.  If you’ve hiked Alviso Marina before, you know one side of Don Edwards, and may want to check out Jyoti’s hike, which begins on another side of the Refuge, complete with a nature center on the Fremont side.  See the calendar at StrollerHikes.com or the listing below for more information.

– Debbie (Founder and President), Max (7), Holly (3), and Andrew

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