Rock Into the New Year


I don’t know about you,¬†but spending much of winter indoors makes me a little batty. Whenever I get a chance to step outside and feel warm sun on my face, a giddy sense of delight sweeps over me. My husband read me to sleep last night – a book describing this process as immediate, perceivable impact of melatonin being converted to Vitamin D. I’m not sure I buy its perceptability, but I just know that being outside is a treat in the middle of winter.

Melanie and Xerry swear by the beautiful weather of the beach. Xerry was so thrilled with the weather, that she snapped the photo above of her son and Lukas, Melanie’s son, playing teeter-totter on driftwood. You can join Melanie and Xerry any Friday at Santa Cruz’s Seabright Beach, with time at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, complete with a touch tank and plenty of exhibits for kids 10 and under. Added to the allure is free admission to this museum every first Friday of the month.

Xerry writes: “The weather was fantastic! We all shed our jackets by the time we reached the lighthouse. We spotted a sea lion in the harbor and a whale spout in the bay. Happy New Year!”

Also don’t forget to make it out to climbing, even when the weather¬†is poor – we’re inside at Planet Granite helping kids ages 3-7 up the rocks, every other week. But really nothing beats real exercise on a real trail, in fresh air, if the winter weather is milder. Amy’s back to leading Monday hikes, Rebecca’s back to leading Tuesday hikes, Karen continues to lead Wednesday hikes, and you’ll see more on the calendar as the days lengthen and the winter weather passes. If you decide to escape the indoors and no event is available for you to join, feel free to make your own — we’ve had some families connect and build their own outdoor social excursions through our Facebook Page.

Enjoy the sunshine!

-Debbie (Founder and President), Max (6), Holly (2), and Andrew

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