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I am reading a book called Born to Run, a thoroughly entertaining non-fiction book about embracing what we are born with and shunning several modern conveniences, in the pursuit of the joy of running. Even if you’re not a runner, the book is insightful and fun. I am a fan of autobiographical stuff, so after Lynne Cox, the autobiographical author of Swimming to Antarctica, another non-fiction book about the challenges, realizations, and triumphs of an endurance sport, recommended the book, I was thrilled to dig in. Two non-running pals had already spoken its praises, so I decided to make it my (probably) one read of the year (I am a terribly slow reader).

The author, like so many of us, touts himself as not particularly athletic – just an average guy who’s interested in being healthy, but regularly finds excuses to travel the not-as-healthy route. A real people person, though, and a journalist by trade, he’s drawn to meet amazing individuals doing amazing things, and begins to emulate them, enjoying sharing experiences with them, and ultimately sharing his wisdom with us (the readers) later.

I’m sure you can think of some pretty amazing things you do – your ability to cook, draw out the wallflower with a smile and conversation, chew gum AND jump rope AND sing a jingle. And I’m sure your modesty, despite your amazingness, makes you feel pretty ordinary in many ways. We all have our heroes to emulate, and combined with our natural abilities (drawn from how you were raised, experiences and training you have had, or innate behaviors), we are, in all actuality, so beyond average. In fact, I dare to say that we can’t all be lumped together, because we are so acutely different.

But what are we if we keep what we are to ourselves? To give is generous, to share is noble. So come out to a Stroller Hikes event and share with others. Bring some snacks to offer others during a break (and show off that amazing cooking talent). Draw out some laughter and helpful advice if you’re a talented conversationalist. Or offer that stick of gum… The author of Born to Run has shared with me hours of his amazing experiences and insights from many parts of the world and many perspectives, and although my running is limited in my pregnancy, I very much felt like I was running with him and his friends throughout the book. An amazing read!

This coming week may be wet, so look to your e-mail if events become cancelled. I’m sure the indoor preschool play areas, libraries, stores that offer daycare (like IKEA), malls, indoor zoos, and museums will be hopping if the rain torrents down like I heard one weatherman say. But regardless of where you and your little one(s) end up, you can count on more Stroller Hikes events next week!

This week’s events:

Tuesday, January 19th at 9 am Loren and little Angelo will lead a Toddler Trek at Guadalupe Oak Grove Park. We will meet at the Vargas Dr. Entrance which is a break in the fence with plenty of street parking. The walk is unpaved and stroller friendly. Dogs welcome. We will make a 1 mile loop stopping midway at a playground. This will be very unstructured with plenty of time for the kids to explore and collect treasures. If we are lucky we will see some squirrel friends, acorn woodpeckers, and maybe even a hummingbird. To find this trail head south on Almaden Expressway, take a right onto Coleman (just before Almaden Lake Park), then a left onto Recife Way. Recife Way will dead end at Vargas Dr. and the trail head. If are running late give Loren a call at 831-227-6737. Come join on our adventure!

Tuesday, January 19th at 1:30 pm join Amy B. and her wee ones for a hike at Byxbee Park in Palo Alto. Meet at the Byxbee parking area. We’ll hike up and down the lovely crushed oyster shell paths around the artistic installments to Byxbee Park, then hike over to the Palo Alto Baylands Park, stopping to check out the birds around the duck pond as well as any artists trying to capture the interesting landscape. The trail works fine for all types of strollers. Dogs allowed! For more information about the parks and directions to Byxbee’s main parking lot, see Byxbee Page ( and Palo Alto Baylands Page ( If you’re running late, call Amy at 408-368-7161.

Wednesday, January 20th at 9:45 am join Jenn K. and little Scott for a Stroller Hike at Rancho San Antonio (Cupertino/Los Altos Hills) out to the farm and back. Meet at the main lower parking lot at the water fountain in front of the bathrooms (just past the entrance, turn right, and then follow the road until it ends). For more information or directions, see the Rancho San Antonio Page ( Sorry, dogs not allowed. The hike will be to the farm and perhaps beyond a bit, as time permits. Breaks will occur as families need them. Those attending can determine what route to take; she’ll take the flat wide path, which is friendly to any kind of baby transport, or the hilly paths, which are better suited to large-wheeled strollers. This hike is at least half shaded. If you’re running late, give Jenn a call at 210-859-8721.

Saturday, January 23rd from 1 to 4 pm come out to Ulistac Natural Area in Santa Clara for a Family Play Day sponsored by Wild Zones. Bring a change of clothes, wipes, and a towel, as the mud is sure to be gooey and there will be plenty of stick play. Ulistac is a wonderful place to explore nature and creative play away from the glossy trademarked plastic toys that seem to dominate these days. For some pictures of old nature play events, see the Wild Zones Website ( For directions and information about Ulistac, see

Sunday, January 24th from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm drop by Los Altos’ Whole Foods Market for a FREE educational event. Join Stroller Hikes, Blossom Birth, and plenty of other fantastic local resource groups in promoting healthy life choices in our families. Activities will include a cooking demonstration, infant massage presentation, and baby wearing workshop. For directions and more information about this and other kid- and baby-centric Los Altos Whole Food classes, see

Get out and share with others!

-Debbie and little Max

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