Take a Breather

I’m currently a junior with Dead Week winding down, the time of year and year that everyone says is the most brutal. But reflecting back on the year so far, I’ve also learned so many invaluable skills and lessons as a junior (sadly mostly through trial and error). And I’ve noticed one crucial thing I’ve noticed so many of my friends are lacking that I myself failed to find before: an outlet to breathe.

Now I sometimes find this outlet in exercise. After a long day of studying and sitting all day, it’s incredibly refreshing o go out for a run or play badminton with my friends. And other times it might be music. Piano allows me to express myself and vent out my feelings, whether by pounding the keys when frustrated or by playing an emotional song after a long day. But it really could be anything, whether it’s piano, running or even hiking, and my day personally wouldn’t feel satisfactory without it. So I’d like to share this small observation I’ve made as a junior: just don’t forget it’s okay to take a break and relax at times, and it’s definitely important to not only study but enjoy yourself along the way!

And if you’re struggling to find new ways to relax and take a breather from the hustle of life, join a Stroller Hike! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never joined one before, and it’s an easy way to exercise, relax, explore new trails and talk with some great company, or simply get out of your comfort zone. 🙂

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