Teach a (Wo)Man to Fish

My husband and I each have Bucket Lists. A lot of people think this is rather silly or vain, but we like our lists because they sort of keep us on track, just like a shopping list keeps you from straying down the wrong aisle at the supermarket.

Bucket Lists are typically lists full of goals before you leave this Earth, but ours are more like goals for the next five or ten years. My husband’s has included things like riding a motorcycle in a B+ group on a Track Day, which, if you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, was achieved, but then led to the unfortunate breaking of both hands a year ago as he attempted to ride even faster on more and more worn tires. My list includes things like digging for clams, running a race with my whole family, and sewing a whole outfit including shoes. My husband is much more vigilant about achieving his goals, but I managed to knock one off of the list this week. I have always wanted to silkscreen.

Stroller Hikes has been meaning to have T-shirts for over a year, but vendors can charge very steep prices for a nonprofit with a budget of less than a thousand dollars a year. My friend, Brian, offered to help us, so it’s just been a matter of finding time amidst his very busy life as a full time teacher, part time Fine Arts Degree student, and new husband and father. The process is so simple, but his experienced eye came in handy as we experimented with numbers of paint applications and materials this week.

After spending 90 minutes with him, I left with such a sense of lightness – not strictly because I finally accomplished my goal or now owned my very own Stroller Hikes T-shirt, but because I truly felt what was meant by the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

Just as Stroller Hikes is designed to spread knowledge, support, and opportunities to growing families, I’d like to personally spread my silk screening knowledge to you. If you’d like to help screen print T-shirts, onesies, backpacks, and flags, we’d love your help! On the poll this week, you can indicate interest in a screen printing party. Bring your own shirt with you, and leave with a complementary Stroller Hikes shirt. Come to help and get your shirt for 20% off for every hour you help. You can help secure the screen, prep shirts/dry them, or iron – a team of four will work nicely, but the more the merrier! We’ll do the work at my house in Sunnyvale.

Here are this week’s events:

Weekend of Saturday September 4th through September 6th join Stroller Hikes for their fourth annual Family Camping Trip along the lovely Soquel Creek in Soquel at the Letona Ranch. If you reserved your spot, you’ve already received an e-mail with directions to the ranch. See you there! There will be plenty of fun to be had at the creek, around the fire, in camp, or around the ranch. Contact admin@strollerhikes.com for more information.

No run or hike on Labor Day (Monday, September 6th).

Wednesday, September 8th at 9:30 am we’ll hike at Rancho San Antonio in Cupertino/Los Altos Hills. We’ll do an almost entirely paved, flat path going to the farm, and possibly go past it. The road is perfect for trikes or bikes, if toddlers or young children want to ride. Any baby transport will work. Meet at the upper parking lot where model airplanes are flown (just past the entrance, turn right, then left into the first parking area uphill from the lower two). For more information or directions, see the Rancho San Antonio Page (http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/RanchoSanAntonio/ranchoSanAntonio.html). Sorry, dogs not allowed. This hike is at least half shaded. Lisa, Samuel, and little Shira will lead this hike. If you’re running late, call Lisa at 650-892-8678.

Thursday, September 9th at 4:30 pm join Debbie, little Max, and wee Holly for a Toddler Trek at Bol Park in Palo Alto. Meet at Bol Park near the corner of Matadero Avenue and Laguna Avenue (on Laguna Avenue). This trail is entirely paved, so any baby transport will work, but we’ll encourage toddlers to walk. The trail is a widely used multi-use path that was converted from an old railroad line – a little history here! Come visit the donkeys and chickens and see a piece of “old” Palo Alto. Meet at the playground in the middle of the park. For more information, see The Bol Park Webpage (http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/BolPark/BolPark.html). Call Debbie at 650-776-1082 if you’re running late.

Saturday, September 11th from 7 am to the afternoon come out for the 5th annual Ridge Trail Cruz, a celebration of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, with the event occurring in Saratoga Gap, Long Ridge, Russian Ridge, and Skyline Parks. This event is run by the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, a nonprofit dedicated to maintaining and expanding the Bay Trail that circles the San Francisco Bay, from ridgeline to ridgeline. Come hike, run, mountain bike, ride a horse, or/and explore the trails and pond. Registration is required to attend. A light breakfast will be provided for early birds, and lunch will be provided. See RidgeTrail.org’s website (http://ridgetrail.org/) for more information. Stroller Hikes will be leading one of the two family hikes.

Live those dreams!

-Debbie, Max, and wee Holly

p.s. Stroller Hikes is always expanding in events and locations described at StrollerHikes.com. Four new locations are up this week: Larry Lane, McClellan Ranch/Blackberry Farm, Pearson-Arastradero Preserve, and Uvas Canyon (access them through one of the Tools tabs at StrollerHikes.com). Lisa resumed her Wednesday morning hikes at Rancho San Antonio this week! Check out the Stroller Hikes Events calendar and listings for more upcoming event changes.

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