Thanksgiving Hike

This week I joined a Stroller Hikes hike, in particular the Thanksgiving Hike at Fremont Older. At first a 1.5 hour hike seemed daunting for me, but I was soon proved wrong and rather enjoyed the experience by the end.

Perhaps it was because of the weather. The hike was mostly sunny, fairly nice for a November day, and my mood soared along with the sun. The weather also allowed the hike to attract an unusually large plethora of people, and I enjoyed observing many others passing by: bikers, joggers, and occasionally even a dog.

Maybe it was due to the view. As I observed the gorgeous landscape of buildings and nature mingled together, I felt a feeling of satisfaction and appreciation. The feeling of accomplishment from hiking up the hills added a new dimension to the view, and I looked on with a newfound light.

Perhaps it was because of the people. I15171138_1040096776113664_2657930643140357361_n enjoyed the children’s naive and carefree attitude, as they rushed down the hills or chased after a fluffy dog. With the reassurance of their parent’s protection and the naivety of their youth, they charged on straight ahead, unheeded by hills, onlookers, or a fall; in fact, the children sometimes did stumble and fall, but soon picked themselves back up and continued straight on ahead, refusing to be discouraged by such a trivial hindrance.

But although these all were vital aspects to the hike I experienced, it was mostly a fun and enjoyable hike, and I highly recommend joining one yourself!

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