The Essence of Hiking

When people imagine hiking, sometimes they imagine long, planned out trips that require time and effort to pack and plan. However, sometimes we forget the essence of the hikes in the first place: to spend time with friends and family, and to enjoy nature. Often times, we get too wrapped up in the planning and preparing that we forget to truly enjoy ourselves.

One day, while walking around my neighborhood I stumbled upon a sandy path, with few houses and a path resembling a trail. After this discovery, I went back home and soon returned with my family, ready to explore this trail. We journeyed along this road for a while, observing the greenery increasing in quantity and the evidences of civilization growing fainter and fainter. Walking along this trail for around half an hour, I slowly realized that me and my family were, in essence, hiking. We had all the elements: the trail, wildlife, people to accompany us, and the beautiful outdoor environment environment. In fact, that afternoon, I felt renewed, refreshed, like a new person. I let my burdens and fears fly away with the breeze in that hot summer day, and simply enjoyed nature.

Overall, that July summer day really opened my eyes on what a hike had to, or rather didn’t have to be. Hiking isn’t about the planning and preparing, or getting the perfect weather and perfect trail and perfect environment and perfect people to be with, it’s about just spending time outside, in nature, with people who truly matter to you. No matter what, there’s always a time to hike, and when there’s a will, there’s a way, so step outside, and go hiking!

The hiking trail I discovered was part of the Parker Ranch Trails, which eventually leads to Fremont Older ( Parker Ranch Trails starts near the corner of Beauchamps Lane and Prospect Road in Saratoga, CA.

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