The Meaning of Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Perhaps it brings fond memories, as you are once again reunited with distant family members, geographically and perhaps even emotionally.

Perhaps it brings painful memories, reminding you of your large, rambunctious family dinners, arguing with siblings and family members on politics and opinions and rekindling old rivalries.

Perhaps it brings feelings of excitement and thrill, as you watch the Thanksgiving parade floats, or feelings of anxiety, as you struggle to finish making Thanksgiving dinner and not burn the turkey.

But although it may bring feelings of laughter and joy, mingled with nervousness and disappointment, Thanksgiving is, in the end, not about impressing your guests, besting your rivals, or arguing with family and friends – it’s about being thankful and reuniting with family and friends. So this year, rather than stress or worry or argue, make an effort to live in the moment, and simply appreciate all that you have right now.

But how to start? The first step is easy: express your gratitude to family, friends, and people that have supported and influenced you, and show them how much they trully mean to you.

How? By simply saying two words – two words which we take for granted every day.

“Thank you.”

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