Volunteer Categories and Tasks

In-Person Tasks

Event Leaders

Class/Presentation Leaders (like for hospitals)

  • Soliciting for venues
  • Planning classes and assembling supplies
  • Teaching/facilitating class

Festival Booth Leaders (esp. in April to September) – this may include a fun run/walk in June in partnership with Santa Clara County

  • Planning activities and assembling supplies
  • Making table displays
  • Manning booth / coordinating other volunteers

Marketing and Research Tasks

Solicitation for Grants and In-Kind Donations (esp. for events, festivals, classes, and birthday celebration)

  • Research of sources
  • Modifying letter/calling/in-person visit for donations (money or product)
  • Filling out grant forms/facilitating this (board can help)

Solicitation for Partnerships

  • Research partnerships
  • Modifying letter/calling/ in-person visit

Solicitation for Press

  • Posting events monthly to Bay Area Parent
  • Research other publications for event posting, and solicit
  • Research other publications for article, and solicit

Digital Tasks

Break Ground – require Computer Science knowledge

  • Application for finding a hike
  • Searchable database of newsletters
  • Member-only tools (require login, liability waiver signing; using forms)
  • Form templates for summer interns

Break Ground – does not require CS knowledge

  • Eventbrite for Birthday Party
  • Curriculum Section of Site – organization, layout, collect graphics, collect reliable links for more resources (like coloring pages) — we have curriculum text content already
  • Curriculum Bins – shop for supplies and plan units for use in a backyard or at a nature area (purchases require approval first)


  • New destinations – photograph and document them
  • Visit existing destinations and add trails (that are documented), photos, check for other changes/ additions to existing content


  • Photo editing (for new destinations)
  • Photo editing (for staff photos)
  • New graphics for curriculum
  • New graphics to break up text-heavy intro/background sections
  • Buttons for use in lieu of links (especially for 2 tools at site)
  • Integrate ColourLover Graphics at Website


  • Check site for broken links
  • New destinations up – integrate edited photos and documentation with html and php
  • Add more recommendations to Bike, Camp, Swim, and Run (groups, races)
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