Waddell Creek Short Backpacking Trip – May 31 to June 1

TRIP IS FULL! WaddellCreekJoin Tiffany and family for an easy Backpacking Camping Trip at Alder Trail Camp from Waddell Beach at Rancho Del Oso. We’ll leave at 10am (let us know if you will not be able to leave around that time) from the parking area, then hike in the just over 1 mile of shady, wide, flat trail to camp. The trail is suitable for jogging strollers or bikes, but we’ll prefer to hike in, as it’s not very far. The campsite has trash and portapotties, but we’ll pack in our own water (rangers are cautionary about creek water).  Come check out this gem of a park along this historic trail.  It’s a shady trail and camp, and we can play at the beach after we hike out in the morning of June 1st.  Be prepared to pay for parking ($10) when you arrive, but Stroller Hikes will pay for the group’s reservations and sites, so please pay $4 per person (children 2 or under free) to reserve your spot through PayPal (admin@strollerhikes.com).  If the spots fill before you reserve, you will be refunded in full. Be prepared to camp like a backpacker (we’ll pack in our own water and cook our own food on backpacking stoves), but the short hike makes this great if you’re just getting into it with the family. When reserving, please indicate if you have a backpacking stove and/or emergency first aid kit (including tweezers to remove ticks) to share with the group. We’ll aim to have at least 3 stoves. The recommended supplies for all families to bring are listed at http://strollerhikes.com/camping/backpacking-list-2/ and REI and Sports Basement rent supplies such as sleeping bags, pads, and tents. If you have questions, e-mail Debbie at admin@strollerhikes.com or Tiffany at leeta89@gmail.com.

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