Welcome Amy!

Please welcome Amy as Stroller Hikes president!  Amy’s first Stroller Hikes event was 10 years ago when she was a new mom of an 8-month-old and new to the Bay Area. Stroller Hikes has provided her with outdoor exercise, connection with other parents, and an easy introduction to the excellent nature access of my new home.
As a mom to 4 children, Amy has run booths for Stroller Hikes at festivals, given classes about Stroller Hikes at hospitals and new-moms groups, and served as both secretary and treasurer.
 “I feel strongly that being outside and moving through nature is essential to my own health and to the wellbeing of my family. Now that my kids are getting older and life with four kids is busier, I find that unless hikes are specifically scheduled on the calendar, they don’t happen, which is why I love volunteering for Stroller Hikes. ” Amy B.
Epic/Favorite hikes: Amy’s most epic hike was a 4-day backpacking trip last year without kids to the top of Mount Whitney. With her kids, some of her favorite hiking spots are Alviso Marina for its wild weirdness and Wunderlich County Park for its mossy magic.
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