Monthly Archives: July 2009

StrollerHikes Weekly E-newsletter: Camping! (1)

Hello Mommies and Daddies! Language fluency is a funny thing. When the topic of camping comes up, Max quite eagerly talks about packing, tents, flashlights, sleeping bags, and not touching the fire or lantern (for he will get burned), as well as playing outside with his friends, getting dirty. It took just a few well-spaced […]

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Stroller Hikes E-Newsletter: Resources, Litter, and your Backyard (1)

Hello all- I am not at all a pessimist, but recent news has me grumbling… Articles in the news last week urged consumers to forego bottled water, and head straight for filtered tap water, a surprising piece of advice to many. Many of us reach for a bottle and break the plastic seal atop it, […]

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Weekly Stroller Hikes E-newsletter: Silver Linings (1)

Hello all! This newsletter is coming out early, as we’ll be technology-free for a few days this weekend. It’s amazing how the littlest “silver linings” can convert an otherwise sour experience into something quite pleasant. I was reminded of this frequently today, as my sinuses were swimming with liquid (I have a head cold and […]

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