Monthly Archives: December 2009

Holiday Blessings – Stroller Hikes (bi) Weekly e-Newsletter (1)

Holiday Blessings I’m logical, cautious, but at the same time, love to play the idealist. All of these notions have been conflicting for several months now… stress I would never desire on anyone else. Happily, all of the issues that have plagued me for the past while have come to a head, and all is […]

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Growing up Fast – Stroller Hikes Weekly E-newsletter (1)

Growing up Fast As many of you know, I teach high school biological science, math, and computer science. As the calendar year and semester come to an end, and I am writing a new final for my science class, I find myself reflecting on what is truly important. I sift through the material and events […]

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PR and Dedication – Stroller Hikes Weekly e-newsletter (1)

PR and Dedication Friday night was stressful and wonderful all at once. My husband began a new job in late spring this year, so until Friday, I had not met his work colleagues. His new company is huge, surpassing the average company size of 20 he has had in the last decade. My husband needed […]

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